About mevolute.

Read about the origin of our name, our reason to exist, core values and their principles of action.

mevolute is a combination of "me" and "evolute". Our natural learning approach is ingrained into our identity.


Our Reason to Exist

Create scope by unlocking autonomy for anyone, anytime.

At mevolute we are convinced that all human beings are born with the ability to learn and grow throughout their entire life. We observe that people do not make use of their natural ability to learn and that they experience a drop in learning at an early stage in life.

Through our modern-day technology, we guide individuals as well as organisations to become these natural learners (again). So learning is seen as a life-sustaining process like breathing.

Why do we highlight a reason to exist?

Not only due to inspiration from Simon Sinek do we know about the importance of a clear purpose. It is for good reason that since the beginning of mankind, philosophers have been asking the "Why?"-question. By transparently communicating a reason to exist, we define a common ground as well as shared understandings and values.

Our 5 Core Values


At mevolute we thrive for the always-curios and openminded childish view. That's why curiosity and an attitude of "Everything is work in progress" plays an important role in our day to day work. In Zen Buddhism they say "Shoshin", describing the many possibilities which exist in a beginner's mind, while in an expert mind there are just a few.


We cultivate a humble attitude towards our interconnected world, trying to always think globally, but act locally - based on the very specific needs of everyone involved. At mevolute we are best friends with technology. We believe that technology won't be a blocker in the future - it will be our thinking.


“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” quoting Aristotle to better understand the difference to just cooperation. At mevolute we do not just hand over tasks to process them effectively, we foster real teamwork to achieve outstanding products and services.

Collective Leadership

At mevolute we believe in the individual power of everyone. That means, there are no top-down hierarchies and decision-making is based on expertise. Give the power to the people, as John Lennon said!


Collaboration and collective leadership can be time consuming, that's why we put communication as one of our values. We know it takes hard work to align diverse teams. So let's acknowledge that maintaining social connections is as important as status updates or strategy sessions.