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mevolute is a young, yet growing team of learning and technology enthusiasts. And as you might have realised, we are striving for exchange.


Tina Dreisicke


I started my professional life at the HPI School of Design Thinking, where I fell in love with working in highly diverse teams. Thanks to that and experiences in various projects, I learned a lot about different ways of working and innovation management. Working as a coach, I wanted to have a deep understanding of how learning and change processes happen, so I graduated in the fields of Education Science and Cultural Engineering.

This knowledge helped me while working with my clients all over Europe on the topics of Innovation or Agile Transformation. And because I enjoy sharing my expertise and getting inspired by others, I contributed to the "Business Purpose Design" book project with a chapter about Organisational Design.

In general I would describe myself as an extraordinarily curious person, that's why I have a passion for technology as well - I believe in new learning approaches which benefits from modern technology.


Tobias Schreier


I have always had a passion for functioning global organisations. Right from the start, my former start-up Splodge worked on a global scale. Moving to and living in cities like Florence, London, Hamburg and Berlin made me realise the importance of diversity and collaboration across borders.

Working with global companies such as TAG Heuer, Deutsche Telekom, Accenture and many more across Europe, the US and Singapore shaped my understanding and experience about our complex, interconnected world with such differing needs and behaviours in cultures as well as markets.

On this journey, modern technology, learning and adaptation has always been key for myself and the amazing people around me.

In private, I love motorsports, design, travelling and most importantly, hot weather!

Our history

Before mevolute, we worked with clients from very different industries over the past years. What we saw was a lower level of efficacy than initially anticipated with our learners. We want to change that.

mevolute is looking for individuals and partners who share our perception of learning and the thinking beyond that. We love challenges!

mevolute is based in Berlin, Germany, but at home throughout the world. We love to be out and about!


Years of experience in total


Different client countries

Join us!

And because truly outstanding products and services are developed by teams that are interdisciplinary, multicultural and cross-functional, we are always on the search for potential partners who share our vision.